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Workshop for voices and instruments directed by Alison Kinder

June 8 @ 10:30 am 5:00 pm

Clapham and Patching Village Hall
201 Long Furlong
Worthing, BN13 3UT

Reusing old material is not a new concept; Renaissance composers did it all the time, sometimes with their own material and sometimes with someone else’s.  This workshop will look at three examples, in each case a kind of ‘upcycling’ from a short initial motet or chanson into an entire mass.

We will begin with the beautiful 4-part chanson by Josquin, Mille Regretz – this was later recycled by Cristobal de Morales as the basis for a 6-voice mass setting (we will look at the Kyrie and the Gloria). Our second example is Ego Flos Campi, a lovely 7-part motet by Clemens non Papa, who spent most of his life in Flanders. His friend Jacobus Vaet, who wrote an elegy on Clemens’ death, borrowed this motet as the basis for a 6-part mass, with an 8-part Agnus. We’ll look at the original, and then the transformation into Vaet’s Agnus Dei. Our third example is of a composer reworking his own material: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina’s 6-voice motet Tu Es Petrus is then gloriously expanded into a mass, not once, but twice! The first Missa Tu Es Petrus is also for 6 voices, but then he gets a bit carried away and does a setting for 18 voices in three choirs, still based on the same material! We’ll do the motet plus a movement from one of the masses.

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