You are welcome to pay for events by bank transfer instead of by cheque.
If you wish to do this, please do the following:

  1. Set up payment details for Southern Early Music Forum as follows:
  2. Sort code 23-05-80 for the credit of ‘Southern Early Music Forum’ (not ‘SEMF’), account number 36774908.
    N.B. Confirmation of Payee: Your bank will probably run a check for the name of our account; this facility has now been implemented by our bank Metro Bank (May 2024).
  3. Include in your payment details your name and the event you are applying for (e.g. ‘D Shaw Loud Wind’)
  4. Send an email message to to notify that you have made the payment.
  5. Send an email message to the event organiser to say that you have paid by bank transfer (and send all details of your participation in the event if you are not intending to apply using a paper application form).

Payments from abroad

  • IBAN GB30MYMB23058036774908


Please note that the account number and sort code changed in January 2020 when SEMF switched from Royal Bank of Scotland to Metro Bank.